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Providing access swiftly, simply and safely

AnthroTx has recognized the significant unmet medical need on limitations of medicine acess in Thailand. Novel therapies are being approved and launched much earlier in some countries, while locally, many patients cannot wait for these treatments to become accessible. Our team of experts is here to provide individualized service and to assist you in meeting the needs of your patients.

To guarantee quality and authenticity, we source products from approved suppliers in countries where the product is appropriately authorised . Our controlled system ensures that all medicinal products are stored and supplied and imported in accordance with the requirements of the Thai FDA.

Collaborations with other pharmaceuticals and biotech companies

The increased complexities in regulatory processes and reimbursement schemes could lead to the unavailability of many life changing therapies for Thai patients. Minimize the challenges of pre-approval medicine demands with AnthroTx’s medical importing service to enable early access of your products, giving your patients the opportunity of a better treatment outcome.

At AnthroTx, we have a dedicated team with cross-functional and operational expertise to support the process of obtaining FDA temporary license and providing secure delivery to the point of care. Currently, our solutions provide tailored distribution models to a number of major pharmaceutical companies. Let us to be your partner in managing your pre-launch products supply chain, with global reach and local expertise.

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